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Luxurious Body & Massage Cream


Product Description

This highly emollient and very luxurious cream provides both glide and friction with its soft and velvety texture. It is an essential aid for effective body moisturizing and deep tissue massage. It contains anti-inflammatory botanical extracts of Chamomile, Lavender and Lemon Balm to help soothe the skin during application and treatment. Vitamin-rich cold pressed vegetable oils of avocado and safflower, as well as glycerin allow for soft moisturizing and deep penetration.   Use daily for soothed, moisturized and scented skin.  Available in the comforting Vinci & Rakos scent of your choice.  A hand spatula is included to make application easier.  (The name was changed from Deep Tissue Cream  to Luxurious Body & Massage Cream.  The name change was due to so many clients contacting me that the formula was so luxurious and that is how they would refer to the formula when ordering.)