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Vinci & Rakos Scented Candles


Product Description

The Vinci & Rakos Earth and Radiance Scented Candles have been created to harness the remarkable properties of an innovative formula made from food – grade certified coconut oil, at a remarkably high fragrance saturation to create the ideal candle formula.   Our hand-crafted candles were created using a lead free cotton wick and provides a clean burn with minimal soot.  The candles are among the first sustainable wax alternatives in the market and is ecologically responsible.  The purity of coconut oil allows the Fragrances to burn true, releasing the scents without distortion.   

The Candles are offered in the two most loved fragrances in the Vinci & Rakos line, warm & sensual Earth and fresh & floral Radiance.  The matte black glass candle will arrive in a black matte box surrounded in a cello wrap with an Information Card and Gift Card.